"I'm appalled by the inhumanity of it all,"  
Lt. Gen. William S. Wallace
The Army's senior ground commander in Iraq,

- This statement is taken out of context but still, how can anyone use a statement like this when they are devastating yet another country, killing innocent civilians, killing soldiers who are defending their country, good or bad, and destroying cities that are centuries old! HOW ABOUT OUR OWN BRAVE YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN? To put our military in harms way, to see them killed and wounded. For what? Oil? How about the families on both sides! What about the parents of our soldiers who are blown apart and wounded? How are they supposed to feel? How dare they! Talk about inhumanity.

- Our country will put you in jail for months and years, fine you huge sums of money, just for taking one step across an invisible line! They arm the world and provide dictators and despots with money to oppress their own people and invade other countries. They train murders at the SOA! They assassinate duly elected heads of state. Talk about inhumanity!