"If you're really serious about that, you have to do it the Israeli way, with tanks and bulldozers,"  
Reported in the Washington Post
Stated by an unidentified senior Army officer discussing the street fighting that will be necessary in Najaf and other cities.

- Absolutely unbelievable! Isn't what we're doing already bad enough? Are we now going to bulldoze all their cities? What if there is another American peacekeeper, like Rachel Corrie, in the way of OUR bulldozers? Would we just crush her to death like the Israli's did and then say "it was her fault, she should have moved." Oh yeh, we could always say it's ok, that's how the Israli's did it! That makes it all better!

- KNOW THAT WE ARE THE AGGRESSORS HERE! We cannot stand behind the old American cliche of self defense! We were not attacked! All the Iraqi's are doing is defending themselves! And we berate their tactics! If America was in their shoes you could bet that we would do the same if not worse!