3. Sitting in front of a bulldozer to protect a gang of terrorists.  
Daniel J. Friedman
Cartoon published March 18th, 2003 by The Diamondback
University of Maryland independant student newspaper.

The cartoon depicted Rachel sitting in front of a bulldozer with the definition of stupidity beneath it. The title of this article, 3. Sitting in front of a bulldozer to protect a gang of terrorists, was appended to the dictionary definition. My response to the Diamond back folliows:

I do believe that Daniel J. Friedman and your newspaper has every right to print whatever you want.

I also believe that your readership, which I am now a "former reader" of, has every right to comment on the tasteless, stupid, insensitive, idiotic, hideous, heinous, offensive, despicable, contemptible, insipid, jejune, banal, inane, mindless, moronic, imbecilic, inferior, mediocre, malicious, evil, hateful, venomous, mean, petty, nasty, malevolent, vicious, and spiteful cartoon of Rachel Corrie that was without virtue, without merit, without humor, without honor and without worth! Did I leave anything out?

John Michael Toren
Amelia, Ohio