Rachel Corrie, "Cloud Resister"  
My Reflections - John Michael Toren

When Phip Berrigan died my buddy, Patrick Liteky, was living in the Crisp County Jail in Cordele Georgia. He had been imprisoned for trespassing at the Oak Ridge Y12 complex. He was protesting the continuing development of nuclear weapons by the US. When Phil died Patrick wrote a tribute to Phil and used the phrase "Cloud Resisters" to identify Phil and other peace makers such as Ghandi, Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr. and many other names of those who had all passed on to the clouds above. He stated that we could and should add our own names to this list.

Well, I want to add the name of Rachel Corrie to my list of "Cloud Resisters." As I sit here writing this I cannot help but cry. Rachel to me represents the best our country and the world have to offer. There will be no gun salutes, no flag drapped coffin, no spot in Arlington National Cemetary for Rachel. Her momument will forever be in the minds and hearts of those of us who realize that Rachel gave her precious life in an attempt to help those who have been made helpless. I do not know what God Rachel prays to but I do know that she is soaring in the clouds with the rest of the "Cloud Resisters."