America, a nation of hypocrites or fools?  
I was reading the Christian Science Monitor the other day and I found an article titled "Contrary to policy, US forces occupy schools and church" in the April 04, 2003 edition. This is an excerpt from this article:

"This reporter witnessed the Humvees stopping outside a girls' school - currently closed because of the war - heaving their backpacks over a cement fence into the playground. On the roof of a Christian church next door, US troops were setting up communications equipment."    By Catherine Taylor

I have watched and listened, not just since our murderous invasion of Iraq began but for most of my life, just how the U.S. government misleads us with their sanctimonious diatribe describing our actions as opposed to those of our so called enemies. We paste euphemistic labels over the truths of our actions such as "Operation Iraqi Freedom" instead of "Operation Kill Innocent Iraqis" and "Operation Liberty Shield" instead of "Operation Create More Terrorism." While we condemn the Iraqis for using tactics like fighting from hospitals, holy shrines, schools and the such defending their own country from we the invaders, we go about the same business as we accuse them of but without the same front page reporting of our criminal atrocities. If you buy into any of this your either a hypocrite, a fool, or both!

Herr Goebbels would be proud of us.