Wild celebrations as Baghdad falls, wow!  
I seen it on TV.

I saw all those celebrations live and in color from my living room. Boy was I really happy for all those people of Baghdad. Why there must have been at least 500 of them. Not too bad for a city of 4.5 million.

Actually the TV people made a few mistakes. There were a couple of fellows with a banner that said "GO HOME YANKEE WANKERS" and they showed them. They also made a mistake in not keeping close to the enormous crowd of 500 or so. When they took the shots at a distance you could see the "whole" crowd.

Actually I was very happy for the Iraqis in Baghdad. At least the weapons of unmass destruction that had been unleashed upon them by the American war machine had stopped for the moment giving them a respite in which to bury their dead and tend to their wounded with what few resources they had left after ten years of immoral sanctions.