The greatest military operation in history!  
I seen it on TV.

Herr Rumsfeldt was giving as press conference shortly after Baghdad "fell" and the statue of Sadaam had been toppled. He made the most asinine statment among the many asinine statements I have heard from all our so called "leaders." He said that "the military operation in Iraq was the greatest in history." Hogwash, I say! If he really believes this to be true his history book must be 1 page long and that one page is blank; or he has never read a history book; or he is lying; or he is just plain stupid.

This military operation should be compared to something most Americans can understand. Our war machine beat up on a military organization in a similar manner that the super bowl champions would beat up a boy scout troop. That's all it was, nothing more.

We should consider ourselves fortunate that the Iraqis did not use any of their massive number of WMDs they had laying around all over the place!