Don't worry Pakistan, your not on our hit list.  
Indian External Affairs Minister Yashwant Sinha said on Wednesday there was a stronger case for military action against Pakistan than Iraq. He said Pakistan possessed weapons of mass destruction, a reason cited by Washington to wage war on Iraq, and harboured terror groups.

Of course Powell dismissed India's comparison of Pakistan to Iraq. But of course we knew he would.

When we were begging for help from Pakistan to help us invade Afganistan, where by the way, we are still fighting and dying after low these many months, I found it hypocrital, what's new, that we were joining with a government whose leader was elected by coup and not by ballot. It says something about the "democracy" thing that our so called leaders always spout out as one of the reasons we invade people in the first place with their double talking diatribe.

To my point. Pakistan, you have nothing to worry about. First, you have no oil. Second, we still need you to support our Afgan invasion. And third we never pick on anyone who has the capability to really hurt us on the battlefield.

So not to worry friends, your safe from us for now. But you may want to keep building up your military capabilities because we do have WMDs, we have used them before and we are turning into Nazis.