Fifth Annual Peace Pilgrimage to Oak Ridge
     For the fifth consecutive year, the Buddhist monks of Nipponzan Myohoji – Atlanta Dojo will make a Peace Pilgrimage to Oak Ridge, Tenn., the world’s largest producer of weapons of mass destruction, i.e. nuclear weapons. This walking prayer for peace, open to people of all faiths, seeks to build a world of true peace by converting the heart and mind from fear to trust, from violence to nonviolence, from ignorance to mutual respect.

   In the wake of the Wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, people of peace have struggled. Despair over the destruction of life and frustration over the subversion of truth leaves many feeling irrelevant and powerless.

   But when we walk, despair cannot keep pace. In the act of taking a step for peace, we find hope has survived the onslaught. In our encounters with hosts, supporters and people met for the first time, we see communities actively working for a better world. In dialogues, we learn truth from each other. And in prayer we find a new strength to do the work that is ours to do.

   We invite people of like mind and heart to join us on this Pilgrimage toward Peace whether through prayer, by walking or in offering support to the walkers.

   We will begin with a short, 2 ½ mile walk from the Atlanta temple to the tomb of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., where we will recommit ourselves in the work for peace. A reception will follow at the temple.

   The Pilgrimage will conclude at an Aug. 10 rally at the Y-12 Plant in Oak Ridge, which has been ceaselessly involved in the production of nuclear weapons for nearly six decades. We strongly urge you to join the hundreds of peace-loving people who have long understood the need to disarm weapons of mass destruction in the quest for world peace.

Peace Pilgrimage Schedule

Sunday, July 13          Peace Vigil at the Martin Luther King Center
                         3 p.m. Leave Atlanta Dojo to walk to King Center
                         4 p.m. Prayer vigil at King Center (Drive back to temple)
                         4:30 p.m. Reception at the Temple

Wednesday, July 16       King Center to Lockheed Martin. 20 miles.
                         58th anniversary of the first atomic bomb test.
                         Contact: Judy Kugler – 770-973-2284

Thursday, July 17        Lockheed Martin to Roswell. 16 miles.
                         Contact: Deborah Hirsch – 678-339-9602

Friday, July 18          Roswell to Duluth. 15 miles.

Saturday, July 19        Duluth to Flowery Branch. 18 miles.
                         Contact: Sue Harmon – 770-967-2328

Sunday, July 20          Flowery Branch to Gainsville. 12 miles.
                         Contact: Tracy Jenkins – 770-297-3252

Monday, July 21          Gainsville to Lula. 13 miles. 

Tuesday, July 22         Lula to Cornelia. 14 miles.
                         Contact: Adel Kushner – 706-778-3661

Wednesday, July 23       Rest day.

Thursday, July 24        Cornelia to Clarksville. 12 miles.
                         Contact: Helen O’Brien – 706-754-2508

Friday, July 25          Clarksville to Tallulah Falls. 14 miles.
                         Contact: Celeste Dickson – 706-212-2054
                         7:30 p.m. Potluck & Dialogue at The Root Cellar in Clayton

Saturday, July 26        Tallulah Falls to Rabun Gap. 19 miles.
                         Contact: Celeste Dickson – 706-212-2054

Sunday, July 27          Rabun Gap to Franklin, NC. 18 miles.
                         Contact: JoAnn Womack – 828-369-8647

Monday, July 28          Rest day.
                         7p.m. Presentation in Franklin.
                         Contact: JoAnn Womack – 828-369-8647

Tuesday, July 29         Franklin to Dillsboro. 18 miles.
                         Contact: Judith Hallock – 828-586-3146

Wednesday, July 30       Dillsboro to Cherokee. 16 miles.
                         Contact Lisa Montelongo - 828-497-6067

Thursday, July 31        Drive to the Great Smoky Mountains Peace Pagoda.
                         Contact: 423-613-8209

Friday, August 1         Rest day.

Saturday, August 2       Peace Pagoda to Cosby. 12 miles.
                         Contact: Sr. Denise Laffan – 423-613-8209

Sunday, August 3         Cosby to Sevierville. 17 miles.

Monday, August 4         Sevierville to Pigeon Forge. 10 miles.

Tuesday, August 5        Pigeon Forge to Townsend. 19 miles.
                         Contact Doug Cox - 865-984-4396

Wednesday, August 6      Townsend to Maryville. 17 miles.
                         Contact: Ralph Hutchinson – 865-609-2012
                         8:15 p.m. Lantern Ceremony to Commemorate Hiroshima
                         Atomic Bomb Victims

Thursday, August 7       Maryville to Knoxville. 16 miles.
                         Contact Toby or Judy Rogers - 865-693-3631

Friday, August 8         Knoxville to Oak Ridge. 20 miles.
                         Contact Glenda Keyes - 865-540-8348

Saturday, August 9       Nonviolence Training.
                         Contact OREPA - 865-483-8202

Sunday, August 10        10 a.m. - OREPA demonstration begins at
                         Alvin K. Bissell Park (1401 Oak Ridge
                         Turnpike) with 1 ½  mile walk to Y-12 plant.
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