Nipponzan Myohoji Atlanta Dojo
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5th Annual Peace Pilgrimage
Atlanta to Fort Benning, GA
November 13-21, 2005

   The Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii engaged in the practice of a walking Peace Pilgrimage as one way to cultivate compassion and to defeat the forces that lead to war, In this spirit the Buddhist monks of Nipponzan Myohoji-Atlanta Dojo initiated an annual Peace Walk to the School of Americas(now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation) in 1999 to support the mass movement to CLOSE THE SOA. The SOA, a school for Latin American officers run by the U.S. Army, is internationally notorious for traning assassins, torturers, and human rights abusers. We cannot live at peace with our neighbors to the south so long as this school exists. Nor can we live at peace in this world so long as our society requires world economic domination to sustain itself. Step by step we seek to move toward a social life that never allows for murder, destruction or exploitation to sustain itself.

   We invite people of faith and peace to join for all or any part of this 100-plus mile pilgrimage.


Saturday, Nov. 13th
     Atlanta to College Park, 12 miles

     9 a.m. Leave Atlanta temple and walk to the
     Martin Luther King Jr. Center, 2.5 miles

     Prayer and short reception at King Center

     10:45 a.m., Resume walking to College Park.

Sunday, Nov 14th
     Riverdale to Peachtree City, 17 miles.

     Host: Ron and Charlene Chandonia

Monday, Nov 15th
     Peachtree City to Newnan, 16 miles.

Tuesday, Nov 16th
     Newnan to Hogansville, 20 miles.
     Host: David and Cathy Barnes

Wednesday, Nov 17th
     Hogansville to LaGrange, 14 miles.
     Host: Dean amd JoAnne Rogers

Thursday, Nov 18th
     LaGrange to West Point, 16 miles.
     Host: Judy Cumbee

Friday, Nov 19th
     Walk through City of Columbus, 12 miles.

Saturday, Nov 20th
     Walk from the Columbus Civic Center
     down Victory Drive to Fort Benning
     Main Gate, 4 miles.

Sunday, Nov 21st
     8:30am-4:00pm - Vigil and Nonviolent Direct
     Action at the gates and on the grounds of
     Fort Benning. See

For Peace Pilgrimage Information:
Sister Denise or Brother Utsumi
Nipponzna Myohoji-Atlanta Dojo
1127 Glenwood Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30316