Actors, and their doubles, triples,
and so on, fool us paying customers.
We step up to the box office/tv screen
Money in hand wanting to be taken away
And we are taken away, from any semblance
Of reality, forgetting this is all meant to be enter/ Info-tainment.
Actors are well paid, once they rise to the level of market-
Ability, and once there, they become icons of some kind of
Wiered credibility, whence they also become fodder for politics,
For the highes bidder, for that matter, which is but one more form
Of camera trickery. You see, we are led like sheep/goats/cows, down
Set paths for slaughter, primrose or otherwise, leading us willing slaves
To that special place where we suspend our disbelief for those orgasmic
Moments ushering in subtle changes of scenery to fit our fantasies,
And, we give our pre-programmed responses, as if on cue to put
Some kind of stamped approval, signed, sealed and delivered, to
A new world order.
Wake up, people!
Wakey, wakey time!
Are we going to just bend over
And let these bastards slip it in/up
Our mass collective asses? Are we so
Stupid? I donÕt think so. We were created
For much, much better than what weÕve been
Conditioned to take, on a "faith-based" level of
Right-winged "Christianity."
Christianity is a great idea, too bad it has never been really put ito practice,
As George Bernard Shaw once said, or wrote, or was cited as a scource.
Do we
Put any kind of faith in actors?
Actors are paid to fool us, and we pay to be fooled,
Simply because we need/want to escapt the grim reality
Of our own lives. We want to laugh, we want to be scared.
We want to see the good guy beat the bad guy, and, perversely,
We want to see the bad guy get away with it, barring child molestation.
We are so, so stupid! We pay for this shit in lieu of paying our rent.
We are mortgaged up the ass, and have plastic to cover us till next
Pay period, and have TV dinners in the freezer for the crunch.
We walk around as if we were really alive.