Soon out of Jail---a rap for Patrick
by David Banghart March 2, 2003

Yo, Yo, Yo Patreek!

Sitin' in the can
Lookin' out for the man
Soul already sailed
Body still be jailed
Wonderin' where the time goes
And which way wind blows
Readin' about the outside
Writin7 about the inside
Lookin' for a new sign
Hopin' that the sun shines
Stuck in Jail

Someday soon the cell door opens
Someday soon the cell gets gone
Folks and family greeting
Friends you never met meeting
Big House soon is history
Traveling where a mystery
Road show about to begin
Patreek has a big grin
Soon out of Jail

In stir for all the best reasons
Waitin' out the seasons
This April Fool will soon be sprung
Back into the world of buns
Tired of the crackers
Lookin' for some smackers
Almost out of Jail

Once beyond the gates
(Heaven can wait)
Lots of life to live
Lots of words to give
Lots of roads to roam
Lots of words to tome
Lookin' for a new sign
Hopin' that the sun shines
Patreek is out of Jail

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