FootPrints For Peace
Y12 To The United Nations
The Beginning

   I had many communications with Marcus Atkinson since he completed his last pilgrimage so I knew what he intended to try to accomplish. I had pledged my support to help him organize his next walk which was to be from the Y12 Nuclear Complex in Oak Ridge Tennessee to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Talks at the United Nations in New York.

   When Marcus arrived on October 9th, 2004 we went right to work laying the inital foundation for this venture. The final plans would have to wait until all the contacts we needed to make could be achieved. Marcus got together with my dad and they formulated a plan on how to organize this action on the internet.

   I also enlisted the help of Peacemakers Jon Blickenstaff and Larry Crane who volunteered to do the route contacting for the overnights.

   Marcus and I then took off for the Great Smoky Mountains Peace Pagoda Work Camp. We would be able to talk to some of the people we thought would be interested in this walk who were also going to be at the Work Camp. There were some others that Marcus needed to contact in Knoxville Tennessee which is only an hour away from the Peace Pagoda.

   That's how it all started for FootPrints For Peace.

Jim Toren
Co-founder - FootPrints For Peace