FootPrints For Peace
Y12 Nuclear Complex, Oak Ridge Tennessee
To The United Nations
Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty Talks
New York, New York - 2005


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The Beginning

Initial Planning

Work began in earnest when Marcus Atkinson arrived at Peace Hostel Amelia in October, 2004. We started in on the most important element and that was the route. Everybody pitched in. Jules, a co-founder of FootPrints For Peace, helped us with creating the documents. We had also held some meetings with my dad, about doing the web site work for the whole walk including the FootPrints For Peace and International Peace Pilgrimage elements. Dad said he would be glad to do it but that it would mean he couldn't come on the whole walk. We knew he wanted to so special thanks to Dad from his sons.

   After the preliminary route was established Jim Toren, the chief organizer, and Marcus headed south to the Great Smoky Mountains Peace Pagoda. An October work camp had been shceduled there and so they could not only help with the construction of the Peace Pagoda but they could hold a meeting with Jun San who was scheduled to be there and it was necessary that she view the route and render her thoughts and approval. Additionally Steve Leeper from Mayors For Peace Hiroshima was going to be present and his input was also needed.

   After returning Jim decided that the actual organization of the overnights would wait until the end of the SOAW Run, sponsored by Footprints For Peace, which co-incided with the Walk For World Peace. After these events took place in November the International Peace Pilgrimage crew returned to Peace Hostel Amelia and the final touches were put on the route, the flyers were finished and the IPP crew headed home leaving the rest of the organization to Jim and the FootPrints For Peace organizers.

   After much work and many revisions it was completed and approved by all participants. We made copies and sent them out to all interested parties. We also did some preliminary planning on how to organize for the overnights. The actual organization would not begin until after the SOA Run and Action in November was over.

   A lot of folks were involved in the organization of the walk. It was however, the primary mission of FootPrints For Peace to see that it actually happened. We had three primary organizers. Jim Toren, Jon Blickenstaff and Larry Crane. The next section describes the work involved in this process.

Preparation: Organizing the Overnights

On the 14th of November I met with Ralph Hutchison, Director of the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance to discuss further details about the walk. This was shortly before we both took part in the Action At The SOA - November 19th-21st, 2004. After this action was over I again met with Ralph in December to finalize some of the details on how we would work together on this walk.

Things were hectic for sure but they were coming together little by little. Both Larry and Jon were working very hard and needless to say I was on the phone so much that I finally got one of those things you wear on your head to listen and talk into so I could even keep making calls while I was driving. I don't recommend this to others but time was getting short.

I was also trying to get the Peace Bus fixed to use as a support vehicle for the walk. It had broken down in Minnesota when I was at Sun Dance supporting Albert RunningWolf last year. Earlier in the years some of my buddies and I rescued the Peace Bus and we had been working to get it fixed in time but time ran out. Jimmy Two Bears and Che Addington came to the rescue. Jimmy and Che donated a trailer and helped me wire it up for my van so we would have a vehicle to carry equipment in for the walk. Thanks once again to our great friends Jimmy and Che.

There's always something! The trailer was in need of repairs. We had to water proof it and repair the holes that had rusted in. Metal, caulk, rivets, primer, cuts and abrasions were the order of the day. But we got it done. We were finally ready to roll! In spite of all the setbacks, the work, the phones calls, the "sorry we can't help", the breakdowns, whatever, we always seem to make it! I guess you just have to have faith!

Chapter 2 - The Gathering