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My Testimony as a Victim of the Nuclear Bombing
   My Testimony as a Victim of the Nuclear Bombing

   I am a surviving victim of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima in 1945.

   At the time of the bombing, my family of six lived in the Horikawa district, only 700m away from the epicenter.

   On August 6th, a day I shall never forget, our family was fortunate enough to be in my mother's hometown, which was 1.6km away from the epicenter. Except for my father, all of my family survived the explosion.

   A total of 18 members of my family and relatives were directly affected by the bombing; eight of them died within 10 days, and five passed away later on. The remaining five of us are still alive today. At the time of the bombing, I was eight years old. I survived the bombing, but my childhood was full of grieving for my lost father, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, and all my cousins. With all the deaths in my family, it was very difficult for me as a child to understand why life is so full of suffering.

   Things were different before the bombing. My father was a doctor in Horikawa and my birth was such a happy event for my family. Atter the Hiroshima bombing, my family had such difficult times as victims all throughout their lives. Starting at the age of eight, I had to help my mother to look atter my family.

   I maintain a healthy look, but I live with a duodenal ulcer, back spasms, cataracts, low blood pressure, anemia, and chronic fatigue. Let us unite our voices to stop wars in the 21st Century. Until the day when we have no nuclear weapons on this planet, we will keep calling out to stop their production, to prevent the creation of new victims, and to eliminate all existing nuclear weapons.

   Only one nuclear bombing resulted in so many victims including those who still suffer from unknown sicknesses. Together, let us put our hopes and voi.ces together to create true peace on earth.

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