Jeff McKenzie
Y12 Nuclear Complex, Oak Ridge Tennessee
To The United Nations
Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty Talks
New York, New York - 2005

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    I am in the last picture. If you look close you can see my red jacket just to the left of the yellow flag in the upper right hand corner. The wind wasn't co-operating! Sorry, but it's the best I can do!  


Hi Everyone,

   The walk took it last steps on May 2nd but the journey continues. Acheiving peace, justice and the elimination of all nuclear weapons, power and waste is an ongoing process. Many of the walkers will be taking part in other walks going on around the globe in July and August, as we approach the 60th anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I will be walking in Belgium.

   The walk was a success, as our goal to raise awareness about the NPT, which is currently being reviewed at the UN, was definitely met. About 20 walkers walked from start to finish but along the way we were joined by many others that walked for an hour, a day, a week or a month. On May 1st, the morning we crossed the George Washington Bridge into NYC, we started with over 60 walkers but as we walked down Broadway, we swelled to at least 106 (42 were drumming). Once we joined up with United Peace and Justice for the walk to Central Park, the numbers swelled to an estimated 40,000.

   Beyond the walkers themselves, hundreds of people along the route provided us with delicious food and places to sleep (including home stays). Tens of thousands, if not more, were touched by our presence, as we walked along the roadways and through communities. The overwhelming response we received was positive in nature. We will never really know the outcome of the seeds we planted along the path but we can be sure we touched the hearts and minds of many.

   As the walkers themselves scatter around the globe, we depart knowing we have built connections to each other that will last a lifetime. Our own view of the world around us has been enlarged and enhanced as we shared our experiences and stories with each other. We represented a diverse group -representing several countries, languages, cultures, occupations, spiritual practices and a wide age group (children to 88). Down the road many of us will cross paths again and again.

  I suggest you take a look at the walk's website, and check back a few times as the website stewards will be adding and updating it with all the walk info, for at least the next month:

   I support and thank all of you that walk or demonstrate for worldpeace and justice. I also support and thank everyone that has made it possible for us to walk by supplying food and shelter, the use of the internet and phone or gave us money along the way, without your support the walk would not happen. Also thanks to everyone that writes their lawmakers, the Whitehouse or in some other way promotes peace and justice. Either you are part of the solution or part of the problem.

   I believe we need to walk in peace, live in peace and teach peace. No nukes, no war. The U.S. government and military policy of Mutual Assured Destruction, a.k.a. MAD; has caused instability, rather than stability, as other countries aquire or seek to acquire nuclear weapons. War and occupation will never create peace. Only by pursuing peaceful means to solve conflicts and justice for all, can we create world peace.

Love and peace, Jeff

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