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I am finally in this beautiful group. I met jeff at the camp and conference and have just returned home a day ago. phew. But it was such a lovely conference and meeting such beautiful people along the way just makes it more worth while.

Jeff it was so nice to meet you, and sorry about sunday conference, i never had much of a chance to sit down and pay attention to all the speakers. I did hear you talk and rushed into my seat to catch the film clip you showed and your speech. It truly was lovely and touching.

Well i hope you are all doing well and hope that the rain hasnt stopped you guys in your tracks. we need that before the fires hit us in the summer.

Please send my love to nat, marcus, atzuko, speedy, rusty, cat and everyone else ( who i cant remember their names). I cant be with you all in flesh, but i am with you guys in spirit and in prayers..

Do it for us guys and for a better world.

In love & respect.
Sky :)

  Hi Jeff:

I'm certainly glad you have created a way for us'ens to stay in touch with you. Of course you know that you can post anything you want that I send you.

I will be looking daily for your messages. Will I still have some "busy body" posting privileges on Peacehq and may I link the info you have passed along for this listserv to the other Peacemakers?

God bless you on this journey and you know if there is anything you need, and I mean anything, you can always call me collect or contact me by email. I know you will make us all proud and you will distingish yourself with great honor.

Please hug Marcus and Atsuko for me when you see them and send me a picture of Gerti if you get a chance.

Blessed are the Peacemakers
Much love and hugs John

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   During the course of this 9 month Pilgrimage it is difficult and at times impossible to find Internet access. When Jeff does get to a computer he has little time to review messages and post updates. Since there are many others wanting to do the same there is usually a long line of folks waiting their turn. So to keep this as simple as possible all messages sent to Jeff are entered through a listserv so that Jeff only has one place that he has to look at for messages and the such.

   Please take a few additional minutes to join this listserv which is set up as a moderated Yahoo Group and send Jeff and Gerti, or anyone else down there, a message of support. I know they will be glad to hear from you. Nine months away from home, walking in the deserts and with great hardship can be very lonely so please let these guys know you are supporting them.

   After Jeff has a chance to look at your message it will be posted on this page.

   Hugs, love and thanks from your web caretaker.

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