Where Am I?
Edward, Ruth, Avon and getting back on the road again. - 01/08/2004
Short update as we begin walking

Where Was I?

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Thought it was time to pass along some info on people that have walked with us or talked to us.

Edward Cranswick recently retired from the U.S. Geological Survey where he worked as a geophysicist for 22 years. He spent some time as a humanshield in Iraq and now lives in Australia and is active in nuclear issues here.

Ruth Russell greeted us as we entered Adelaide and she also spent time in Iraq as a humanshield. See above link.

Avon Hudson talked to our group a couple times now. He was in the Australian Air Force back in the 60's and was the whistleblower on nuclear test conducted by the British here in Australia.

I'm sure you could do a search to find out more info on each of these individuals but my time here is very limited.

Yesterday our group set-up an info table in the main shopping area. Info was passed out, those passing by where entertained with street theater and walkers got to talk with interested individuals. Last night at Trades Hall walk/ conference videos and stories told to those that had come by to see us.

Well I am probably going to be out of touch for awhile again as we leave Adelaide tomorrow. The next big city is Melbourne but we don't arrive there until the 21st of February I believe. When we pass through towns with internet and I have the opportunity I will update everyone.

Love and peace, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.