Where Am I?
A lot has taken place since Adelaide. - 01/16/2004
Atsuko Wrote

Where Was I?

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Well a lot has taken place since my last update and I know no better way to update you, than to share the actual emails between my family and Atsuko (organizer of Japan part of the walk). Before you read them, I will say Gerti and I arrived safely in Vienna last night, where we found the temperature a little on the chilly side but we are glad to be back. We saw the walkers off the morning (5am) of the 13th in Macclesfield and then waited for the bus back to Adelaide (7am). We spent the night at a hostel and at 5am took a taxi to the airport. The plane took us first to Brisbane, then Cairne (both in Australia) then to Tokyo where we spent 15 hours in the airport (boring). On the 14th we flew first to London then arrived in Vienna around 10:30pm.

We have pürchased tickets for a trip to the states from Jan. 22nd until Feb. 12th, where we will visit my mom, Nicole and my sister, we will be staying in the south and not going to NY on this trip.

We have also begun the search for a flat (apartment) here in Vienna for when we return, as this will become home for both of us.

I want to thank those of you that have supported us on our walk and life in general. A special thanks goes out to John, who spent countless hours setting up and updating the WFABW site and linking it to sites for other peacemakers around the world. So while this closes our physical participation in the International Peace Pilgrimage, it does not mean an end to our part in spreading seeds of peace and working to end the nuclear cycle, we will continue to speak out and find ways to stay involved.

So I hope you are all doing well. Hope to see some of you while we visit the states. Also if you ever make it to Vienna come visit us.

Love and peace, Jeff and Gerti
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.