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Hope things are moving along...all I could do here is to pray each day...On the 26th, about a dozen members of Japanese Self Defence Force left Narita for Iraq...Japan is sending several hundered troops to Iraq to be stattioned in the south-eastern region.Much worry and opposition but still a minority here..The majority of Japan are more concerned about fasion and music rather than people getting killed in unnecessary occupation.I was requested by Inoue-san who came to Melbourne as a representative of Gensuikin if you could send a message to the planned rally on Jan. 25th.I know your daily life so if it is too much just let me know what to look up on your website and I will pass that on to them. The statement is to read out at the rally against Japanese Self Defence Force to be sent to Iraq.

Thank you for walking each day...Looking forward to hear from you.

LoveAtsuko, in the maddness of Japan
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.