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We got a flat. - 01/19/2004

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Well Gerti and I just rented our first flat together here in Vienna. I really like it but Gerti really doesn't care for the furniture but is happy we have a place to live. So yes, it has some furniture: in the main room which has beamed ceilings and a large window is a couch which converts into a double bed, a long cabinet for storage (all our clothes will go here as there is no closet), and the table with seating for 4, plus a tv. The kitchen is a very small separate room, with little storage or counter space but okay for us. The refrigrator is very small so we will buy a larger one, the stove is also very small with 2 burners but will do. The kitchen is also part bathroom as the shower and sink are in it. The toliet is outside the apartment in another small room but is only for our use, it is not shared with others. It is a good starter flat. The utilities are included in the rent and it is a first floor apartment in a nice neighborhood. The fact that it has basic furniture will save us money, while we try and get on our feet. "It is a good flat for a start up but our next flat will for sure have different furniture" (Comment from Gerti).

The flat is empty right now but we will not start paying rent until the first of Feb., but we will be allowed to leave some of our stuff in the flat on the 21st, that way we can bring more back from the states.

It is also close to public transportation (subway, trolley and bus), as we will have no car. There is also a library and grocery store nearby.

Address is:
Gertrude Oelmack and Jeff McKenzie
Fasangartengasse 69
1130 Wien

Please wait to send anything to this address until we return from the states, thanks!

Love and peace, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.