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Out With The Old - 08/28/2003
A Look Back And Ahead

Where Was I?

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   First, I want to welcome everyone new to the MFSO family, you have joined a growing number of wonderful people. Over 900 military families are part of MFSO today and that number continues to grow daily. Plus, many veterans and supporters have joined with us and actively support our call to "bring the troops home now". For those that don't know I am one of the co-founders, along with Nancy Lessin and Charley Richardson.

   I have run the listserv here up until a week or two ago but Cindi, Howard and Sande have stepped in to take my place as I prepare to put my feet to the ground, while continuing to speak out. I will continue to represent MFSO every chance I get to an international audience.

   I am inviting all of you, whether you are new or have been on the listserv for awhile to sign up to my personal group. You can subscribe at: WalkingForABetterWorld this will serve as my email account, replacing all my old accounts, so I hope you will at least check it out. I just set-up the account today and in the days and weeks ahead, I will be making changes and adding lots of info and links, so check back in ocassionally. folks at MFSO.

Peace, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.