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What's next? - 09/10/2003
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   I know we have been talking about what's next? I think that each of us plays a vital role in the peace and antiwar movement. You joined MFSO or the listserv because you care about the direction of U.S. foreign policy and how it impacts not only Americans but all human beings on the face of this planet.

   I realize we are all at different points in our lives. Some of you have been long time peace or antiwar activists, others of us are fairly new (I became active after September 11th) and still others became involved after the U.S. began to threaten Iraq, endangering our loved ones and innocent people around the world unnecessarily (not to mention illegally and unconstitutionally).

   The level of involvement also varies for each of us. For some of us we eat, sleep and drink what we are doing. Others are just are just awakening to a side of America they never saw before and are having a tough time knowing now to react and what to do. Let me say each and everyone of you is important in the process, whether your involvement is just informing yourself (a first step) or you have decided to risk arrest or like myself, you decide to walk for endless days in the heat.

   As the war winds down (but the problems are by no means solved) we are all asking ourselves, "what next?" First let me say, MFSO has grown out a chance meeting between Charley, Nancy and myself back in October. The middle of January we consisted of less than 30 military families. Today, only 3 short months later we have grown to over 500 military families speaking out, joined by veterans and supporters. MFSO needs to continue to grow and to become a more powerful voice for future actions that our government may take or even consider taking, such as, attacking Syria or Iran, along with a host of other issues that affect military families as well as all people.

   We need to assure that our loved ones, are not sent into harms way for the sole purpose of greed and power, which benefit a few but by no means the majority; and has done tremendous damage to U.S. foreign relations, destroyed and disrupted countless lives on all sides, curtailed freedoms at home and ravaged domestic programs.

   So what's next? Education (of ourselves and others), demonstration (a visual presence so our 'so-called leaders' and the world know we are not going away), lobbying (our politicians), voting (those out of office that haven't listened to us, we the people), organizing (an ongoing process), focusing (not only on one issues but the wider picture) and enduring (peace is a life long struggle and we have to be in it for the long haul).

In love, peace and solidarity, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.