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Gasport, NY to Acworth, GA - 10/03/2003
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We (my mom, my brother, his wife and me) arrived at my brother's home in Acworth, GA mid-afternoon today. The U-Haul truck had broken down prior to picking it up on the 1st, so we got started 4 1/2 hours late. Because of the late start and the awful rainy conditions we only made it as far as Erie, PA that night.

   Thursday, was an interesting day. The truck's gauges stopped working (inc. the speed odometer) and the engine was bucking, so we ended up back tracking 40 miles (up to Akron, OH) to get it serviced. Then while going uphill less than 100 miles down the road, the truck died but I was able to get it on the shoulder before it came to a dead stop. After a little over a 2 hour wait beside the road, a repairman showed up and we discovered the truck was out of gas even though the gas gauge registered just barely below a quarter of a tank. We did make it into KY before stopping for the night.

   When I went to start the truck this morning, nothing happened, after several attempts I put the truck in 'N' and let it roll a feet few and it finally kicked over. So we were all glad to arrive here. We unloaded all my mom's stuff, since this will be her new home and got her partially settled in.

   Tomorrow morning I will say my 'see y'all laters' and head towards Jeremy and Nicole's (At Ft. Benning) where I will spend a week before heading to Vienna.

Hope all of you are fine.
Love and peace, Jeff
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