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Stuck in route - 10/12/2003
I Have Arrived In Vienna

Where Was I?

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Hi Everyone,

My travels began yesterday, the flight was a 1/2 hour late in taking off and arriving in Montreal, my first stop but I had left myself 3 1/2 hours between flight so no problem. I cleared customs fine but was supposed to retreive my bags before proceeding. My bags did not arrive and everything when downhill from there.

   I went to make a claim along with others from my flight. I gave the baggage claims clerk my ticket so he could make out the claim form and he gave me a form to bring to customs to get stamped and told me to stop back. Whatever in a matter of minutes I went from having a ticket to having a lost ticket. Retracting my steps leads me to believe he accidently gave my ticket to the woman behind me filling out a claim form. So it was off to the Delta ticket counter to get a new ticket at the cost of $100 but the agent said he could not reissue the ticket because it was issued by Austrian Airlines.

   So I went to the Austrian Airlines to find out the pilots were on strike and the agents were trying to reroute tickets. Now it was approx. 6:40pm when I landed and about 12:30am before I got to see an agent, the lines were long and slow. One good thing happened after 11pm when the baggage claim fellow came and found me to say my bags arrived, which was a relief to at least have them back since I no longer had a claim ticket. In line I met a nice couple, he was a veteran for peace and both travel all over the world for their jobs, Carol was on her way to Kosovo. Another fellow was originally from Vienna.

   Getting back to the ticket counter, I was the very last one in line which I think worked in my favor actually. The agent at first said they could not reissue the ticket because they were actually Air Canada contracted by Austrian Airlines. He said I would have to purchase a very expensive new ticket and try for a refund later. But another agent suggested another route, he had one form left that he could reissue the ticket on and he went and got it. So they reissued me a ticket at no cost, amazing. They also put me up in the Hilton and paid for my breakfast and lunch. It was 1 am before I checked into the Hilton.

So I leave out of Montreal at 4pm, go to Toronto on Air Canada, then Air Canada to Paris. Then on Air France to Vienna, arriving tomorrow at 11:40am.

So all is well that ends well.

Hope all of you are well.
Love and peace, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.