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I have arrived in Vienna - 10/14/2003
Hi From Vienna

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Hi from Vienna, Austria,

I hope you are doing fine.

   I arrived at 2:40pm yesterday, 3 hours late (well 3 hours and a day late). The flight from Toronto to Paris was one hour late in taking off, so I missed my Air France flight by 15 minutes or so, but they put me on a later flight.

   Gerti was waiting in the baggage claim area and both my bags arrived okay. A bus, underground and a short walk later we arrived at her flat (apartment). For supper we went to a local pub last night and had German sausages, brown bread and white wine.

   Today we needed to purchase the plane tickets to Australia and Japan, and stop at the university (I am here now). So we left early, walking part way and using the underground the rest of the way. The tickets cost 1,801 Euros, so probably around $2,150 U.S., I had planned on $2,500.

   Vienna is like any city with lots of shops and people. While out walking we stopped at a pastry shop where we got an apricot filled crossaint, reminded me of the Hungarian cookies my mom made with the apricot filling- both delicious. I have been to Europe and Vienna in the past so I am used to the difference in landscape. Buildings right up to the sidewalks; people, bike, car and electric train lanes. The toliets are unique in the fact that instead of a toliet bowl with water in it, toliet bowls here are dry except for at one end where everything is flushed out.

Gerti just hopped into the walk website to show me it has been updated with lots of new info and walk schedule so you might want to check it out, just open up the homepage on this site or use links to find the website link.

I want to thank those of you that sent me emails of support and encouragement.

Love and peace, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.