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Hi From Vienna - 10/20/2003
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Hi from Vienna, Austria,

I hope all is well.

   If you look under files you will see I added the October update from the walk and under photos you see a picture of the Peace Bus and solar trailer.

   I'm still in Vienna until the 1st of November when I fly on British Airways 705 from Vienna to London and the BA 17 from London to Melbourne, Australia arriving there at 05:20 on 3 November. Hopefully I will meet up with Nancy Lessin and Charley Richardson (other co- founders of MFSO) that will be in Australia at the same time, before they fly home.

   Gerti had gone to the dentist yesterday and today, as it is free here and she wanted her teeth in good shape before we go on the walk. Yesterday I walked around the center of Vienna while she had her appointment. I went through St. Stephens built in the 1400's and then another old church nearby. I walked up and down the streets and in and out of the various shops. Today I stayed with Gerti. Shortly we will go out to grocery shop to have some food in the flat.

   The other day Gerti brought me out to have some Sturm, an Austrian drink available only for a short time. It is a grape drink just before they turn into wine. Last night we ate at a Chinese restaurant.

Gerti's flat consists of one large room which serves as the bedroom, a smaller kitchen with room for a table to eat, then one small room with a toliet and sink, then another room with a shower and a sink. There is also one storage closet. The flat costs $300 Euros and includes utilities.

Love and peace, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.