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Never pass up an opportunity to speak out and snow in Vienna. - 10/24/2003
Last update before I arrive downunder

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Well last night Vienna received a blanket of snow, a couple inches in fact. Gerti said this is really early. Flurries were coming down around 7pm as we headed off to another part of Vienna, to go to the discussion on the war in Iraq.

The night before we had gone to to see Bowling for Columbine and luckily for me it was the English version with German subtitles. The Green Party here in Austria is sponsoring activities around the theme of gun/weapon control. After the video there was no discussion but I talked to two of the Green Party members about MFSO and the Bring Them Home Now Campaign. Gerti started with a sore throat that night.

So Gerti stayed in all day but we went out to the Iraq discussion, also sponsored by the Green Party. It consisted of a panel of 4 well versed individuals, after they spoke the audience asked questions. I had prepared a 5 minute introduction to MFSO and the Bring Them Home Now campaign incase I had an opportunity to speak. Unfortunately, the discussion was in German but Gerti occassionally translated for me. I had thought about not speaking out but Gerti encouraged me to when she thought it was appropriate. I ended up being the final person to speak. I would say 2 sentences in English and Gerti would then translate into German, we made a great team. What I had to say was well received, I told everyone we needed to reach out and understand each other and to continue to build a worldwide peace movement. I was able to hand out an info sheet I had made up, back in the states out, along with Bring Them Home Now campaign cards. The Green Party took over 100 of them to use later. An Italian reporter at the discussion wants to interview me next week and the Green Party panelist got my contact info. So never pass up an opportunity to speak out.

Gerti is staying in today where it is warm, while I ventured out on my own. I am at the university, to get here I have to take 2 different underground trains (1/2 hour) and then walk the sidestreets and back alleys and courtyards to make it here. I also did grocery shopping today- interesting trying to decide what things are, especially if the label has no picture.

Take care.

Love and peace, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.

Jeff's Speech To The Vienna Greens