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Last update before I arrive downunder. - 10/31/2003
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I hope all is well with everyone.

This will be my last email from Vienna, as tomorrow I begin my flight to London then the long flight onto Melbourne. Gerti was supposed to join me tomorrow but will be staying behind for one month to retake her tax law exam that she missed passing by one point. She will instead fly out Dec. 1st and arrive in Melbourne on Dec. 3rd.

The weather here has been much colder than normal, in fact, the snowfall Austria received last week was the earliest since 1940. So our outdoor activities have been limited by windy, cloudy and cold days; especially since I had not brought a winter coat along. But inspite of the weather, we have been able to spend time together and do a few outdoor things.

We thought we would be spending the night in a youth hostel, since Gerti was giving up her flat today and was going to move in with a friend. But the landlord after checking the apartment out said we could stay tonight and leave tomorrow, which saves us $40. We will still go out for dinner as the frig is empty.

I look forward to writing my next update from downunder. Marcus already has a busy schedule planned for me once I arrive, I am really looking forward to joining everyone as we do final preparations for the start of the walk.

Love and peace, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.