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Coins and Currency - 11/13/2003
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I have been meaning to mention Australia's coins and currency because it is so different from the U.S. The 5 cent coin is the smallest denon\mination, it is almost the exact size of a Lincoln penny. The 10 cent piece is just a hair smaller than a Washington quarter. a 20 cent piece is next and it is larger than a Washington quarter. Next is a 50 cent piece which has 12 sides and is probably the size of a Kennedy half dollar. Next you have a gold colored one dollar coin a hair larger than a Washington quarter. There is also a 2 dollar coin which I don't have at the moment but it is smaller than the one dollar coin.

Currency is very colorful and varies in size, as well as, dollar amount. Also each bill has a small design cut out and a piece of clear plastic with something on it, which must make it hard to counterfiet. I have a 5 and 50 dollar bill on me but have seen 10's, 20's, I think they also have a 100 hundred, as well as, a 500 dollar bill.
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