Where Am I?
Broken Hill, New South Wales - 11/21/2003
Still in Broken Hill

Where Was I?

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We arrived in Broken Hills, New South Wales yesterday morning around 7:30am after traveling all night. We went to a friend of the bus driver's to hang out and spend the night. They had rain before we got there and then rain again last night, not normal but needed. We slept on the patio which was covered or in the bus.

This morning we are in the middle of town where we were filmed by a local reporter. We are also selling t-shirts and passing out info. Nat, KA, Marcus and Atsuko, finally caught up with us this morning, they were doing last minute things in Melbourne and left after the bus. Marcus had some van troubles along the way. Nat also had van troubles and had to have a new clutch. But we are altogether now.

We will spend another night in Broken Hill at another house then I believe takeoff tomorrow.

Love and peace, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.