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12-1 Update - 11/30/2003
Two Pieces Of Wonderful News

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We have arrived in Roxby Downs . The bus and two vans arrived in the late afternoon. The van I was in made it to camp at 10:30-11pm, as we had some things to do.

Not sure where I left off last so I go back to 11-25 and our arrival at Wilpenna Pound. As we drove to the park I personlly counted 30 kangroo/ wallabees long the way. We got into the park at dark and I quickly set-up my tent. The next day I walked 20k to climb the highest peak in S.A., St. Mary's Peak, it was beautiful.

In the park some police visited our cmpgrounds, they have been keeping track of us since we left Melbourne and continue to visit us daily, non-violent walkers apparently are a threat.

On the 27th we stayed in Nepabunna, an aboriginal community. We stayed there 2 nights before heading down the road. We got to Marree at around 3pm and then planned on going further. At 5pm the rear suspension on the bus blew. We are in the outback, probably 40k from the last town, while on bumpy dirt roads. The decision was made to drive another 1/2 hour, a very bumpy ride and then set-up camp.

So yesterday, 11-30, we all headed out, the bus limped about 150k to Roxby Down and our campsite until the 10th. KA nd I had two of the aboriginal girls with us and had to return them to Nepabunna, we left at 9am and arrived in camp at10:30-11pm. I set-up my tent in the moonlight and crawled into bed at 11:45pm. Today several walkers have begun an eight day fast.

Today Gerti boards a plane to head towards Australia. She will get picked up at the airport, take a train ride to Canberra and then drive with others to Roxby Downs arriving on the 5th or 6thm, I can't wait.

Well my time is up, take care.

Love and peace, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.