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Two Pieces Of Wonderful News - 12/01/2003
Gerti Joins Me Tonight

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I have two pieces of wonderful news to share this morning, I'll put them in the order I heard about them.

First, Jeremy made it out of his unit with one day to spare. He is off to schooling for the next several months then will be stationed in Germany. Had he waited one more day to take his leave, he would be going back to Iraq, as his unit has been called up again, they just returned to the states in June. Of course, it is wonderful that Jeremy is not going but disappointing his unit is being redeployed- Bring the Troops Home Now.

Second, I called Gerti yesterday afternoon, it was morning in Vienna and Gerti was still sleeping, I wanted to wish her a safe journey as she flew out last night to join me here in Australia. Anyways, she had known for the past week that she passed her exam, YIPPEE!!! She was waiting for me to call to share the great news in person. So it paid off staying in Austria the extra month.

Well I walked back into Roxby this morning, we are camped about 50 minutes away. Last night a guy from Japan joined us, he had flown into Australia 3 days ago (unannounced) and has been trying to catch up with us. As I walked out this morning, two vehicles heading to the peace camp passed by me on the road and then turned into camp.

Last night our bus driver, Rob and Rusty left camp to return home but will be rejoining us. Rob before the walk starts and Rusty shortly after. By the way, the problem with the suspension seems to be less extensive than first thought. It was thought the bus air bags on the rear driver side had both blown but it now appears to be a regulator broke. The regulator is around $300 and easy to replace, the air bags would have taken a lot more work and probably thousands of dollars.

Marcus is supposed to talk to a person from the mine today to find out if we can get a mine tour on the 9th. They offered to bring us on a tour over a week ago. That should be very interesting.

For those wondering what conditions are like on a trip/walk. Our last opportunity for a shower was at Wilpena Pound. I am going to sponge bath in a public sink somewhere today. Food has been okay, no refrigration though in temperatures over 100 degrees F during the day. Water which is crucial on a walk will have to be brought in over the first several weeks of the walk. So I'm dirty but healthy.

We plan on getting up around 3-3:30am and going down the road by 4- 4:30am once the walk starts on the 10th, as temperatures can reach 45 degrees C or 120 degrees F or more during the afternoon. Well take care.

Love and peace, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.