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Short Update, Walk Starts On Wednesday - 12/07/2003
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I hope and trust this finds you all well. While most of you are probably preparing for Christmas it is hard to think about it here in the heat and sand. We will be in Port Augusta I think on the 23rd and 24th, near the ocean and a little cooler temperatures. I will most likely be out of touch until then (although I might get on tomorrow), because the road from Roxby Downs to there only passes by one out town if I'm right.

We continue to have local people drive into where we are camping, usually to display their dislike of our being in Roxby Downs. The mine is the life blood of this community and those that oppose the mine are not looked upon kindly here. Usually cars, motorcycles or 4 wheelers just race through the camp, kicking up dust, which usually blows away from our tents, thanks to the wind. Occassionally they will yell, "go home" as they race by. We just wave in response or talk nicely to those that do stop.

We are presently up to 25 people: 8 from Japan, Gerti from Austria and myself from the states. The Kunga women join us tonight. Jun San, the Buddhist nun from the states arrives tomorrow.Edward, who was at La Trobe University camp will also be arriving tomorrow.Plus others are still on the way.

For those that might be wondering this walk is non-violent, and drug and alcohol free. That means we support no actions that use violence or cause property destruction and we ask those that join us to abide by these rules.

I haven't looked yet, but in the photo section, my son has added a few new photos.

Well everyone take care, enjoy the holidays and Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Us. Greetings from Gerti also.

Love and peace, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.