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First Steps - 12/10/2003
Port Augusta, S. A.

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Well the International Peace Pilgrimage took its first steps today. We left camp around 7am and got shuttled to the gates of the mine. Once we had all arrived we unfolded our banners and the Kunga's sang a few songs. At around 8am one of the Japanese crew left to caught a plane back to Japan but she will rejoin us in Japan. Then we started walking from the gates, the police blocked traffic and we started out walking, taking up both lanes of the road, the Kunga's set the pace. The Kunga's walked quite awhile before loading up to head back home.

Once our police escort left, we all walked on the side of the road. Around noon we walked into the center of Roxby Downs and stopped on the green space between the lanes to gather and chant. Another of the Japanese crew left and will meet up with us again in Japan. (The two that left today just wanted to see the walk off and to wish us a safe journey). Then after a short break we walked from town back to our camp.

The weather was unusally cool and rained briefly when we got to the center green. Since then it has rained some more with thunderstorms, hopefully it rains only a little or we will be stuck in the mud where we are camped until it dries out.

Back at camp we had lunch, and a quick meeting to say we would start breaking down camp at 5pm (we have a big huge tent for a kitchen and community space, it will not be used after this). Then at 6:30pm dinner and a meeting. Then to bed early.

During the 3 hours we have before camp breakdown, Gerti and I walked into town and will walk back, I wanted to get this email out, as we will probably have no access for awhile.

Tomorrow will begin early, 3am and we plan on having eaten and camp packed up and out walking on the road by 4:30am to beat the hottest part of the day.

Take care everyone.

Love and peace, Jeff

PS: I forgot to say we walked about 15K or around 10 miles today. Gerti and I can add another 8-10K because we walked into town.

I'm sure there were a few blisters today and everyone should sleep well but 3am will come early.

I can hear it pouring outside right now, hopefully it does not last long or we will not get our vehicles out tomorrow.

Peace, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.