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Photos And Information - 12/23/2003
Flys, mozzies, and decision time.

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Once again Merry Christmas and a Happy, Peaceful New Years!!!

Some walk photos can be seen at www.iratiwanti.org*, there is an article with a photo, with additional photos in the photo ablum or section.

For those that would really like to learn more about the walk, the walks whereabouts in Australia (later on Japan),the areas we are passing through and the different nuclear/ military sites, and some of the people involved, please check out this site set-up by a dear friend: http://wfabw.tripod.com/index.html In the short time the site has been set-up it has been viewed in 45 different countries and had almost 2,000 hits. You can also check-out the sites of other peacemakers and learn a little about the peace movement and the different ways each of us contribute to it.

Love and peace, Jeff and Gerti

*Editor's Note: When you click the link read the information provided. Enter the site and you will see an article called "Walking towards a nuclear-free future". Click this link and you will find an excellent description of the pilgrimage. On the left you will see another link called "photo journal". Click this link for the pictures.
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.