Walking For A Better World
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future
  "Hi Jeffery, We are all thinking of, and praying for your family, and everyone else's families on all sides of this insane war. Just to give you a bit of an update, we are still busy just trying to make connections everywhere to help facilitate the walk, things are looking good and we are getting a pretty good response from a broad section of the community....

With more logistical things, I should let you know that the beginning in Australia with the conference on the 15th & 16th of November. It now looks like we have at least 2 Hiroshima survivors along with some representation from Aboriginal communities where the English tested Atomic Bombs in the 50's. We have been speaking with some of the senators who belong to the Green Party and they are also showing interest. We have been collecting letters of support which should be up on the web page soon. Australia will be mainly camping at this stage, so you will need tent and sleeping bag etc... The first 3 months will be terribly hot around 100 - 115 degrees with the last month becoming quite cold and possible rain... Japan will be hot also but with a lot of rain possible as Japan has very tropical style hot & rain at this time!!!!

Can you please forward this onto Gerti as I seem to have lost her e mail... (SORRY) Also if you can give me a mailing address for both of you I will mail you some stuff...

Take care Marcus"

Note: Gerti, is my Austrian girlfriend, we met on a prior walk in the fall and we will be joining up again for this walk.
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