Walking For A Better World
International Peace Pilgrimage Towards A Nuclear Free Future
  From: "Jeffrey A. McKenzie"
Date: Mon Sep 22, 2003 1:19 pm
Subject: Update on walk preparations

nuclearfreefuture@f... wrote:
Subject: Peace Pilgrimage
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 11:19:26 -0400

Hi there,
This is for all those interested in coming or just keeping up to date..

Here is a small update as we sort out logistics...

We will be starting a big Peace camp in Melbourne, Australia on the 11th November as a build up to the conference on Nov 15th & 16th.

This is constantly growing and we are now expecting 100's of people to attend. There is also the possibility of a large peace concert on Friday the 14th of November.

We will be departing Melbourne on November 18th to head out to Roxby Downs, the start point of the Pilgrimage..We will be visiting alot with Indigenous communities at this stage, that are directly affected by the Nuclear Industry.

At this time we will be entering extremly hot, dry and sandy conditions and will have very limited and NO access to any facilities during the first 6 weeks.....

The Pilgrimage will be responsible for transport and food, but are expecting people to be walking 25 - 30 km's each day in these conditions.

We will have something to carry everyones bags, but pack light!

We will be camping and cooking as a group during alot of this event...

Anyone wishing to come with us to Japan is welcome, But this will have to be worked out while in Australia..

Our webpage should be getting a major face lift in the next few days...

Please keep us informed of your plans, and feel free to join us at anytime.


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