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O hayogozaimasu pilgrims

With 4 weeks until the conference, and only 3 weeks before some of our international pilgrims start arriving, this email is to check in en masse with the latest news and grooves !

Any time or energy that can be offered from now till we begin (especially from Melbourne for the conference , peace camp and road trip preparation....) would be received with our undying gratitude and respect and many universal blessings to you.

Many thanks to Edan for spunking up the IPP site... if you haven't looked in the last week or so , check it out...

Are at the printer this week! Thanks to Ceel for the design. These will be sent to a few central places for ease of postage... I'll list the recipients below so you can get in touch to help distribute , but pls feel free to write if you want any sent directly . All towns along the route will receive posters with the date of when we are walking through.

MELBS - upstairs at FoE, 312 Smith Street, Collingwood
-Peace walk meetings (Thur 6:30 pm upstairs Trades Hall- corner Victoria and Lygon St.)

Jeremy 0411277885, jeremyjlavender@hotmail.com

KA and crew 08) 9336 8178, kagtrip@yahoo.com

Steph, steph_om@pacific.net.au
Belle , bellabbelle@yahoo.com 0414 487 130

TJ, Tammy-Jo.Sutton@wilderness.org.au, 0422 078 021

Louise , shumba68@hotmail.com

cat-atomic, earth@cat.org, 0404899619

Vanessa, u3224401@student.anu.edu.au c/o 02) 61259869

We will be staying at La Trobe University from November 11th till 18th. This will be an opportunity to get acuainted, paint banners and cars and skillshare. We will have a board for advertising workshops, so far including p'tchang non-violent direct action training and origami. We will be working collectively towards the smooooth running of the conference November 15th/16th and fun'draising gig on November 14th. This will also be held at La Trobe, and will be a multicultural extravaganza with Latin, West African, Indigenous Australian, Native American and Japanese performances lined up so far.

We are fortunate to have the Peace Bus (photo attached) coming on the 10 day journey from Melbourne to Roxby . There are about 20 seats available and cost will be minimal ..... the schedule for this journey is almost confirmed, and this will be sent to you all, and posted on the website next week. If you can please indicate to me soon whether you will be needing a lift (on the peace bus or otherwise) so we can figure out transport requirements... likewise, if you will be driving your own vehicle and have room for other pilgrims.

We are needing to start stocking up for the communal kitchen... if anyone is able to donate or lend large pots, gas burners, gas bottles , tarps, tarp poles, rope and/or other camping equipment, please let me know. It is always worth contacting your local army disposal and camping shops to see if they are interested in donating equipment to the journey. If you want a sample letter that has been sent to camping places in WA and Melbs, write to me, and I'll also try and get this put up the website.

RAI NEN, NIHON NI IKITAI DESUKA? (do you want to go to Japan next year?)
Just wondering who is interested in coming over for the Japanese leg of the journey... this is just to get an indication of numbers , totally non-binding or course, but you will need to be getting your passport sorted soon !

This adventure is far too amazing to slip by without being recorded.... if you are walking for any section, and intend to take photos, film or sound recordings, it would great to develop a register of our Indy Media mob so we know we have it all covered ! It would also be great if any of you gurus would be keen to co-ordinate this list...

I am wanting to eventually produce a book about the journey, so will be hoping to collate and collect stories and reflections along the way. Input to this process is more than welcome...

We will be starting to send out press releases in the next couple of weeks as the pilgrims begin to gather. If you have any nuke friendly contacts in the mainstream (or slipstream)media pls pass these on to us soon, or pass on our details to these people. We are always happy to do radio, print or tv interviews...

Thanks to Murray for helping convert Marcus' van to a veggie oil mobile...he'll be leaving a trail of hot chip smelling exhaust for pilgrims to follow !

Attached is a photo of the solar trailer which will be coming on the journey... thanks to Bilbo : )

Looking forward to hearing back from you all, and seeing you soon. Please let me know how you're feeling about the journey and process, so i'm not just sending these messages out into the ether with no return!!

Peace ,
Nat : )
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