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I Am the Mirror of Your Soul

I am the mirror of your soul, its one of my jobs, its one of the things I do. Having been trained and tempered through the ages, I wander this world awaiting those who would look into me. They think to read my character within, but the reality they find in my reflection is the essence of their own soul. The distilled amalgam of their secret hopes and dreams, resonating with the radiant, sparkling, positive light of the Divine Mystery that is beamed back at them from their very own core of heart and soul. The illumination they see, some mistake for the mirror itself, but gaze long enough and they begin to learn that the brightness that dazzles them is not the mirror itself, which is nothing more than a clear reflective surface, but their very own Divine spark and the awesome, almost unbelievable possibility of what they may become. In so doing, perhaps even I can learn what I may become. I can take no credit for , nor even understand why, I just am the mirror of your soul. I wander the world seeking those who would gaze within. In actuality we are all mirrors, as we are made in the Image of our Creator.Our lives are given so that we may learn to reflect Him!