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Old Dog

He could barely get up on his feet, all lumps and bumps, and appendages sticking out at odd angles. Hardly hearing and not really seeing much, he still greeted you with a wag of his tail.

He was a real "Tiger" among dogs once, in fac t that was his name. You could still see it in the proud way he slowly carried himself.

A pit dog bred, and game to the bone, yet suprisingly gentle with a hand that would scratsh behind an ear. The massive head, though drooping low and grizzled grey around the muzzle, still held a strange power. Give him a thick leather chew square and he could still crunch it like you eating a corn chip.

I guess in so noble a heart and so game a body as his, the awesome jaws are the last thing to go. That and the heart wrenching loyalty and love of so proud a beast as he. Your enemies worst nightmare!

Your best friend!