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Who Do

When we awaken from the comfy slumber dream of our mothers womb, not a clue.

Who among us requisitioned their birth.

I don't remember being consulted, do you?

When we awaken to this realm which is life, we can become confused, who do we think we are?

I wasn't even given a guide book, not a clue.

I guess under these conditions, we cant expect to go far.

When we awaken to our selves, the purpose becomes more clear, guided by the Grace, we may learn why it is we're here. Following the guidance, we grow as we aspire to learn lifes lessons given us at a cost that may be dear.

When we awaken to our souls the veils will be removed, and our eyes will be opened to the road ahead.

We will see our Spiritual family coming in the distance, and finally know not death, but Life awaits us instead.