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One People One Earth

  Update From Mexico - April 29th, 2005

   Dear Brothers and Sister for Peace

   Not long ago, one of my oldest and dearest friend, Babatunde wrote: "Are you out there and at peace with yourself? What are you up to these days? I hope I find you well and at peace with others".

   These are good questions and I thought the answer to his quiery would make a good essay for my next update..since I am sure inquiring minds would want to know. I am still in Puerto Escondido, I am definitlely well and at peace with my self, but that is just my interpretation. Below is my daily routine and you determine for yourself.

   For my well being, I arise at sunrise every morning, no matter how late I was up the night before. I drink a gallon of water a day and do yoga breathing for 2 1/2 hrs. I sit up under a coconut tree, fold my legs, put my arms up at the level of my ears and place my thumbs together at my third eye and breath deep and utter MU on each exhalations. I started out with sets of 30 and would do 300 a day. I am now up to sets of 300 and complete 1,000 deep breaths a day. Between that and the water my vibrations are very high. Then I do my salutations to the sun and finish up my morning prayer by singing James Weldon Johnson's "Lift Every Voice and Sing." In my morning ovation I visualize the temple I see for The Children of The Sun for One People, One Earth.


   I see the temple, much like the peace pagoda, huge and round, all white only this temple will have gold and turquoise murels paintings. We will include hemp fibers with the adobe mix. There will be a huge terrace on the east wing with enough space for at least 40 or 50 people to come and celebrate the sun rise and moon set in anyway that they choose: Singing, chanting, drumming, dancing etc. A similar size terrace on the west wing for the celebration of the sun set and the rising of the moon. And a terrace on the north and south wing for the soltice and the equinox. The temple will be three stories high. On the first level will be huge round auditorium with seating something similar to that of the Quaker Meeting house. But much more like a theater in the round. At the center will be a circular stage with an altar. This is where speakers and performing will take place.

   The temple should be high enough to view the ocean, river or water falls. At the top of the temple will be an observatory for studing the procession of the planets and their alignment. How does one build a temple without first having the land and the resources? The Ancestors instructed me that in order to manifest a temple from out of nothing... I must first respect the temple that I live in, which is my body. Thus the reason for the new discipline mention above. Secondly, is to help others build their temple. I generally sunbath until 11:00 before the sun gets really hot. Or I walk to the temple called ¨The Children of the Light.¨¨ The temple helped me a great deal with emotional and physical problems I was having, when I arrived in Puerto. I was way overweight, my breathing was shallow, I had acid reflux, bleeding hemmoroids, pain shooting throughout several places in my body, and several other ailments.After taking the suggested herbs and spiritual healing prescribed by the mediums, and following the above stated program of rising with the sun, my health is back to normal now.

   I walk to the temple and I clean up the land and then walk the beach of Zicatella and then walk back to my stay place. All total this is a 9 kilometer walk everyday. I no longer carry the One People, One Earth flag in my walks, because it has been layed to rest. Walking with the flag prepared me for my next level of accomplishment which is to create a One People, One Earth Flag made of Hemp to fly over the The Children of the Sun for One People, One Earth Temple...which will be constructed using the fiber from industrial Hemp.

Hostal Shalom

I have been living in a hostal called Shalom (Jewish word for Peace) for the past 4 months. Hostal Shalom is blessed with coconut trees, mango, nopal and a plethora of other tropical trees. It has a swimming pool and all kinds of views to the ocean. I can lay in my hammock and see the ocean from two different vantage points. And I am able to catch the sunrise and sunset from the hostal. I think it is perhaps the best hostal in the world. Since I am a long time resident now, I only pay 25 pesos a day ( a little less than $2. 50).

   My tent stands under three different shade trees: the coconut tree, a lemon tree and another tree I do not know the name of. Outside my tent the One People, One Earth flag is flying right next to a yellow flag with a composite picture of Robert Nesta Marley and a marijuana leaf. Also, there are upwards to 20 coconuts and many mangos that I have foraged for mny comsumption. There is a reported 500 deaths a year due to coconuts falling on people´s head. Yet, this is where Brother NorthStar has placed his tent and its is under a coconut tree that I perform my morning meditations. The Ancestor wouldn´t dare.

   People, mostly kids, from all over the world come here backpacking. Many of them are attracted to me, since I am the elder ot this little village and they seek my council. Many who are drawn to my light are in a great deal of emotional pain or have physical ailment that need attention or just seeking alternatives ways of healing. Some of them I can help myself and others I take to the Temple. This helps the temple out because the temple provides service for the poor Mexican people who cannot afford to go to hospitals. The temple does not charge money, they only ask for love offerings or donations. The poor people leave humble donations, but the people from the US, Canada, and Europe and other rich countries are able to leave a substancial bit more.

   I have also participated in the building a sweatlodge for a work shop about to take place here on april 29th and 30th. A woman, named Alexis who studies diksha in India will be holding a workshop that will include sutras teaching; special meditations; focusing on clearing the chakras and energy bodies; bhajans (celebration chants) and tamazcal (sweat lodge). Diksha, is supposedly a short cut found by the masters in India to achieving enlightment. My understanding of it is that when she performs diksha on you it releases the dopimines in your brain and causes the kundalini to rise and you enjoy a constant state of bliss. This only works, however, for those who are willing to drop all suffering and allow the divine energy to transform them thru the experience of Oneness.

   At anyrate, this is a two day intensive workshop that I had to support it - if it can help humanity to evolve.The Ancestors, I feel, are very pleased with my work here. I do find time for recreation such as go to the Hardin Real, which is a swimming pool bar that has a daily 2 to 4 oclock happy hour, where they serve cold beers for 60cents and 7 or 8 big full buffalo chicken wings for 4 dollars. And then I go catch a movie either at a friends house or the local 69 convient store where I sometimes catch the basketball games or the fights. Generally, at 10 oclock, I go back to my camp site and wind down for the night by playing the harmonica to the moon and the stars. I took up playing the harmonica because two remote muscians thought that I should be a harmonica player and made a present of them to me. One is very inexpensive, a chromatic harmonica, which I can play with any band as long as they play in the key of C. The other is very expensive blues harmonica which I can play with any band in the key of D. So far I have figured out how to play them both. I can now play "Precious Lord," "Oh Feedom, Before I Be A Slave I'll Be Buried In My Grave. "Lift Evry Voice and Sing" and quite a few other gospels. I have learned 3 Bob Marley songs and a few other tunes. I have been told, by many that when I play my songs at night it quiets the camp down and makes everybody feel warm in their heart.

   At my campsite, where the One People, One Earth flag flies along side my Bob Marley flag, I keep an altar and a candles burning always to welcome the visitors, who might want to puff the magic and sip a little mascal. The One People, One Earth Mission is to have the first Hemp Temple and this mission and the name Brother NorthStar has been carried to the far reaches of the world from this simple little hostal called Shalom.

   Every now and then Brother NorthStar is invited to parties and to sing at various different clubs in Puerto. I have looked for land here and I will go to other places to look for land to build the Temple...such as the jungles of Catemaco, Vera Cruz and or the jungles of Palenque. But first, I must go to Guatemala to renew my visa. Then I will go to Cancun and Playa Del Carmen looking to build an economy for myself as a performer. Yes, the hotels and clubs of Cancun is still Babylon, but it is the microcosm of the macrocosm. Mexico takes very little tax dollars and what little they do take definitely doesn't go to start wars or take over other countries. The Ancestors say that I should return back to the stage and use it as a platform to propogate One People, One Earth Mision.

   All total, as my time winds down here in Puerto Escondido, I look back over my spiritual work here, I have accomplished a great deal for the five months I have been here. Babatunde, do you remember 26 or 27 years ago, when we were living in Worcester, Ma. and I stayed busy with Tony Agby performing for people in hospitals, nursing home and mental institutions and other shut_in places? Well after all, Brother NorthStar is still doing the same charitable work that Smitty From the City has done, but now as a Free Black Man on much more evolved level. Here my work has been to help relieve the suffering of others and helping with the temple.

   As to the question, am I at peace with others..... well Babatunde, I can only tell you that I am at peace with others, but not everybody has the capacity to be at peace with an UPRIGHT, FREE BLACK MAN. I live in a different time zone: I live my life according to Time is Art. For that, money comes to me without much effort. The people of Babylon live in a time is money. For that, they never can have enough. I work for the great spirit, not the all mighty dollar. It is not my way to control, manipulate or intimidate others to meet my will. I believe in FREE WILL AND CHOICE the gifts given to us by the Ancestor of all Ancestors. Not even some of our own who are caught up in Babylon can fully understand me or how I choose to use my time. So it is not surprising to me that people from other races and colors cannot accept my life style. I am an enigma of liberation that is very difficult for people to swallow. I don't ask that people like or accept me. All I ask is that they don't mess with me. By that I mean don't pretend you like or accept me and my freedom and then try to manipulate or control or intimidate the very thing I hold so dearly. Every now and then I am infiltrated by such people. Peace, for me, does not mean we have to be friends. For me, Peace simply begs the question of two opposing forces... can we coexist? I believe they can if they seek the balance. TheYing and The Yang. That is peace to me.

   Other people, who have need to be in control and manipulate.... do not share my definition and will resort to behind the back, (It is always behind the back with these people) judgements, malicious gossip, slander, propoganda and character assination to bolster their own esteem. That is not peace...that is pyschic warfare that ultimately boomerangs back to the author of such depraved thoughts. I can only respond to such discord by each day striving to be more whole, perfect, strong, poweful, loving, harmonius, prosperous, wise, good and free...that is the best that I can do in this life is to work on my own conditioning. I do realize that I can never be free until the whole of humanity is free. But I can enjoy the freedom of will and the choice of not cooperating with the system that holds the people in bondage.

   When I sent out my last update, regarding finding land for a temple, a few of you wrote back offering to send donations and one man offered to hold fund raising for my efforts. At the time I did not speak of building a temple made of hemp. Nor did I make it clear that the One People, One Earth campaign has joined the hemp movement and has become a staunch advocate for industrial hemp. This is a factor you must consider so that you can make in intelligent decision of whether you still want to support the building of the temple.

   I am forever grateful for whater donations I recieve for my efforts, but it is far more important that I continue to have your prayers because that is the true source of my Amazing Grace. The greatest donation that I can receive is if you light a candle for Brother NorthStar (because the world is full of traps and pitfalls and people with dark, sin|-sick souls. The west coast is filled with all kinds of drugs and women and men craving sex. I´ll take my chance under the coconut tree, THANK YOU.) And when lighting the candle also visualize the The Children of the Sun for One People, One Earth Temple as described above. If you do that we will find the perfect land in the perfect location. Thank you for your love and your thoughts . In The Name of Liberation for Humanity and the Planet Earth I bow in deep gratitude to you all.

One People, One Earth!
Brother NorthStar