Mayors for Peace - Hiroshima Japan
Y12 Nuclear Complex, Oak Ridge Tennessee
To The United Nations
Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty Talks
New York, New York - 2005


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Mayors for Peace Mission

   Steve Leeper, a representative of Mayors For Peace, Hiroshima Japan, made contact with Marcus Atkinson who set up a meeting with Steve in Oak Ridge Tennessee, October, 2004. This meeting was the first joint meeting of all organizations that wanted involvement in the proposed walk from Oak Ridge to the NPR.

   As a result of this meeting the parties involved agreed on their individual responsibilities for participation in the walk. Steve's primary mission would be to work on the U.N. demonstration on May 1st and 2nd which his organization had decided to organize. The connection with the walk would be to provide the walk with a letter of support and an invitation to all the mayors in the towns along the walk route to join Mayors for Peace.

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