Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Berta Lambert's Log

     Peacemaker Berta Lambert is keeping two logs or diaries for this walk. One is a personal diary of his experience and the other if for folks that he meets during the course of the walk. Berta asks these folks if they would just write a little statement about how they feel about what we are doing and perhaps their opinions about the issue we are bringing to public awareness. What you are viewing on these pages are hand written into this diary by the actual people Berta's meets. We have intentionally left out the names of the folks involved but the words and feelings are real. We are doing this for two reasons. First, if you can imagine walking 20 miles a day, getting to your resting place, eating, napping, trying to clean up, working on your blisters and a hundred other things and then trying to write a story for a web site!!! Whew, sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to get it done. Secondly and more importantly the purpose of this walk is to bring public awareness to the issue at hand. So when Berta, as well as the other walkers, meet and greet people of the community it is important that their feelings be recorded and made known to the world as support for this purpose.