Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 4 - Tuesday March 15th, 2005
Knoxville TN to Blain TN


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     Tonight our accomodation is the "city hall" at Blaine, a 'double-wide trailer' building, not far off the main road.... we're a long way from the well-off suburbs we walked through this morning on the other side of Knoxville.

   Today's walking took us with frozen fingers gripping flag poles along hill ridges where historic people of confederacy batles died in cavalries.... now the highly manicured garden lawns stretch from the footpath to 2 storey mansions with shuttered windows... we stopped at a church for a break on the way and the preschool kids came out to wave us goodbye, presents of peace cranes were greeted with big smiles and more enthusiastic waving.

   Then down through town where people came out of their shops to wave us by, wish us good luck and say "thank you". Cars toot tooted and drivers waved every few minutes as they drove by. An incredibly warm show of support as we walked through town no doubt related to the great media in the local paper this morning.

   Over to the other side of town where the reality of America's "rest" waited.... run down houses and apartment buildings, greenery replaced by cracked concrete and peeling paint. The social divide between rich and poor is so stark and unavoidable, but the worlds are so separate that those on the hills of this morning seem oblivious.

   Out of town the houses thinned out and we were back on the open road. Long straight stretches of wide concrete, less traffic but just as many toots. The Smoky Mountain ranges pale blue on the horizon and 20 or so miles later day 2 of walking is over...

   Thanks to locals Tommy and Paul for walking for the day.!!

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