Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 14 - Friday March 25th, 2005
Seven Mile Ford VA To Atkins/Marion VA


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     Today we are walking from 7-Mile Ford to Atkins Virginia, another day on the road walking for a Nuclear free world. After a refreshing evening at the College we were ready to walk on down the road through the undulating hills and valleys of Virginia.

   The country side here is really pretty, a contrast between the soft rolling meadows dotted with cows and the stark hills forested with dead looking trees. The forest is barren and leafless after a long winter, like tree skeletons they stand waiting for the flesh of summer to arrive, it is a striking contrast to the deserts and ever green forests of my home, Australia.

   Whilst walking I think of all the Nuclear powerplants hidden away from view and wonder how many there are around here? It occurs to me that I really have no idea, and the people I meet don't seem to know or care, does anyone?. I guess we do, but in this foreign land it is hard to know what is going on.... mankind has a knack for hiding the truth. I wonder what is over that hill hidden away as there seem to be large electricity cables polluting the sky.

   These thoughts and many more haunt me as we walk. I think about all those people affected by this Radioactive industry and all the animals,plants, waters etc. It makes me sad, angry and determined to walk on, to do what I can.

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