Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 17 - Monday March 28th, 2005
Pulaski Va To Radford VA


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     We left Pulaski in the pouring rain and walked towards Radford, a medium sized University town. We are being hosted by the Grace Episcopal Church and we have a short 15 miles to walk. By the middle of the day the weather had cleared up and we were drying out from the morning drenching.

   When you are doing this sort of thing, weather becomes a big issue, you are exposed to the elements for 8 or 9 hours every day. No matter what the conditions you have to walk, some times you feel out of place, like some throwback from the middle ages. People are so comfortable these days, driving in their heated cars, never having to brave the elements.... it is a great equaliser. Out there you feel so small and insignificant, facing every thing mother nature throws your way... you really know your place in the world and it shows on everyones faces and feet at the end of the day.

   Along the way we talk with many people and do interviews with media. It is important to walk and talk with intent and to inform the people. Two men in a pickup stopped to talk to me, they asked what "y'all protesting about?". So I informed them about the NPT and the threat of Nuclear weapons - they were happy and congratulated us on our efforts. One man said, "I support yas in your efforts, no body wants Nuclear Weapons. Good Luck and if you see any North Koreans on the way.... shoot them", I guess there's no convincing some folk. People have a knack of hearing what they want and fitting it into their own politics, it made me laugh.

   We completed our walk early and settled into our stay place, got dry clothes, ate and relaxed talking and playing music for the evening. Tomorow is a rest day and we are all looking forward to washing clothes and fixing tired and damaged feet, getting ready for the next stage of the journey.

For the Earth and a Nuclear Free World,
Bilbo Taylor

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