Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 19 - Wednesday March 30th, 2005
Radford VA to Shawsville VA


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     We are at our home place for the night- the Mennonites of Christiansburg have put us up in their fellowship church. Once again we have a lovely, comfortable home for the night, with a large carpeted sanctuary for sleeping.

Walkers and locals are eating and sharing stories. After blessings by Billie Ledger, Tyler Vega called together the "walk chorus"- people who have been learning songs, primarily "Walk in Beauty". We put our own renditions into a melting pot and sang tonight, which haphazardly came out with beauty and enthusiasm- a pleasant surprise for me. After chanting Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo, Jun San took out peace cranes and handed them to all of the children. It was delightful to see their faces brighten. Some children explained to others the significance of peace cranes as they all bunched together and looked at each other's mobiles.

Today's walk was 18 miles. A sunny, breezy day and several people pulled over to take our photos. Another woman Mary walked over to greet us and ended up staying the night! We walked through small towns and rolling farmlands. Jim Toren met with the Mayor of Christiansburg, who had business but accepted the Mayors for Peace info. As usual, the dogs barked and horses pranced about as we drummed, sang, lagged, limped, jaunted and walked past. Mario scored well dumpster diving today which supplied most of the evening meal.

   Abundance, strife and cooperation, challenge and support and mostly earth, sun and creatures have propelled us on another day.....

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