Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 19 - Community Response

     " I pray that peace may enfold you on your journey to New York. May this same peace cover the earth and transform it by the power of love.

   Thank you for your courage to stand (and walk) for this important message of truth" ".

Citizen of Emory Virginia *

   " I have spent the past couple of years of my life stuck. The pain of this world kept me from moving forth, hope, or even love for a long time.

  As I have begun to enter into a new phase in my journay I am remembering beauty, life and love.

   I am thankful that I had you, and this group to share in this time of growth.

   And I am encouraged to walk on toward peace at all the places and time, just as you will be doing in the weeks to come.

   I am greateful that our paths crossed. ".

Citizen of Maryville Tennessee*

* Excerpts from Berta Lambert's Log.

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